Thai Combination

Combination of passive stretching, acupressure points and massage targeting specific areas of built up tension totally relieve stress and store aching muscles and help promote deep rest and relaxation on all levels.

Aromatherapy Massage

A relaxing massage which is extremely rejuvenating. The combined power of warmed aromatherapy oils and specialized massage techniques ease tired, overworked muscles and boost circulation.

Deep Tissue Massage

Targets your body's deepest layers of muscle and releases tension in over-stressed areas. When your muscles are severely knotted, this treatment is designed to break it up. Maximum tension relieving results.

Reflexology Foot Massage

A deeply relaxing and stimulating reflexology treatment that focuses on the pressure points of the lower legs and feet to promote healing and relaxation.

Head Massage

An uplifting treatment that boosts circulation around the scalp, neck and shoulders helping to relieve stress, tension and headaches.

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